Storage tanks for water

Water storage tanks are used for the storage of drinking water, demineralized water or as part of water treatment plants.

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Project description

Client : Nukissiorfiit
Delivery date : 09-2021

With more than 30 years of experience in the tank industry, Nukissiorfiit has chosen to collaborate with Oostwouder for the construction of a tank in Greenland. Oostwouder was approached by Nukissiorfiit to build a 4900 m3 tank in Qaanaaq Greenland. This tank will be used for the storage of drinking water.

About the tank

The tank is made of stainless steel (316L) and will be provided with insulation material in the future. The tank was completely made on location in Greenland by our team. With the tank being built in Qaanaaq, our team has done a great job and overcome many obstacles to successfully complete this project


The material was transported from the Netherlands to Greenland by boat. Arriving off the coast of Qaanaaq, the containers were transferred to smaller ships that brought the containers ashore.


Thanks to our fantastic team who did a great job in Greenland and the coil building system we developed which has proven its worth again

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