The basis of water reuse

Oostwouder's water purification reactors are used in many industries.

A lot happens in a water purification reactor tank

The design of a reactor tank for water treatment is a technical challenge. A challenge that Oostwouder likes to take on together with its system partners. The operation of a water purification reactor differs per industry. The basic principle is to filter the water by adding bacteria. The purified water can be reused, for example in production. In addition, there are two discharge flows. A dirty substance and gas, created during the reaction. When there is a closed system, the gas is used again for biogas installations.  

Together with the suppliers of technical systems, we integrate additional options to create the ideal process conditions. Think of settling systems that enable internal recirculation and optimal biological conditions. With such systems, our clients can count on optimal dilution, prevention of overloading of the bacteria present, better distribution of the waste water, sludge discharge points and more.



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