Building on location

Thanks to the CoilBuilding system, Oostwouder is able to build tanks on location. This from-the-top-downwards method starts with the top of the tank and then attaches the underlying rings piece by piece.

CoilBuilding on location

The process in a nutshell: a ring is turned from the coil with the correct diameter and then lifted. Then a second ring is turned which is tack welded to the first ring during rotation. The circular seam is then welded in the stationary welding booth. This process is repeated until the correct height is reached. We work with rings of 1.5 meters.

CoilBuilding has a number of significant advantages:

  • very short construction time
  • only two operators required
  • no scaffolding needed
  • excellent quality – there is only one weld per ring
  • executable on location
  • safe: working at ground level
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