Oostwouder has secured its processes in the OTS quality system

This system - geared to building tanks - follows the main lines of ISO 9001:2015. Supported by ISO3834 and the EN1090 certification, we guarantee our quality.

From design to commissioning, it's all about quality

Continuous improvement and attention to quality is in our DNA and guarantees the most suitable design and a high-quality tank. Depending on customer requirements, our tanks are designed in accordance with EN14015, the Eurocode or the API. Legislation often requires the necessary practical guidelines such as PGS 29, 30 and 31. Based on the guidelines, the desired tank is designed with the applied design code. In addition, our internal quality team ensures the highest achievable quality during the construction of the tanks, which is checked by an independent third party during the realization.

We place high demands on our welding work. Our welders are periodically tested (according to the Welding procedure specifications) for mastery of the various welding methods. In addition, our engineers are assisted by a NOBO to keep all personnel certifications up to date.

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