We are located next to the Noordhollandsch Kanaal

This enables us to move all our factory-built storage tanks via waterways in the Netherlands and to serve the rest of the world via the port of Den Helder.

Our factory

The Oostwouder factory hall has a modern design and offers space for the construction of tanks with a diameter up to fifteen metres. We are building larger storage tanks on our outdoor area right next to the factory. The total production area is 3,500 m 2 , divided over three production lines. Due to the good properties of the material, we only work with stainless steel and duplex materials. Depending on the project we apply the following welding processes: TIG, Plasma, MIG or Submerged Powder.

Oostwouder does not close her eyes to the sustainability challenge. That is why the fully piled concrete floor of the factory is equipped with CO2 saving floor heating, which is fed by our modern ground source heat pump.

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