Challenges are there to grab with both hands

At least, that's what we think at Oostwouder. With our North Holland approach we find a solution for every issue. Because coming up with smart solutions, optimize them and ensuring that they meet health and safety, quality and environmental requirements is our profession!

Special projects

We have been able to realize many special projects over the years. Some of these projects have stayed with us extra. One of these projects is the diving tank for training purpose of international diving teams for submarine crew in Den Helder. This nine meter deep tank is equipped with windows, ventilation system, an internal and external platform, training equipment, a purification system and cleaning techniques.

Another memorable project was the construction of a 5,000 m3 storage tank for the local drinking water supply in Qanaaq in Greenland. Because a supply boat only travels to this area twice a year and equipment and raw materials could not be sent briefly, a detailed projectplanning and preparation of all details where essential. The team of Oostwouder realized the project within time in these rare circumstances.  



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